Single-Minded Faith — Monday, 6th Week in Ordinary Time—Year II

From the letter of St. James we hear that ‘God gives to all generously and ungrudgingly,’ yet in the Gospel the Pharisees asked Jesus for a sign and received nothing. The Lord told them, “no sign will be given to this generation.”

Why didn’t the skeptical Pharisees receive what they asked for? As St. James says, they were men of two minds: “Yeah, we believe in the messiah and that he’s coming, but we’re certain that he’s not you!” Are we people of two minds in our lives of faith?

“Yeah, I hope for a renewal, a new springtime in the Church, but I don’t think much will change here in the United States.”

“Sure I want unity in our parish, but with the people we have to deal with it’s not very likely.”

“I really want my children to know Christ and to fall in love with the faith, but I can’t teach them very much.”

“Of course I’d like to be a saint, but I know the limits to my holiness and God ought to know and accept those limits too.”

Let us not be people of two minds. Let us pray and act with a single-minded faith, so that we may see, in this generation, the signs of Christ’s power.


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