God’s Favorite Instrument — Tuesday, 6th Week of Easter

What is God’s favorite musical instrument? Harps? Organs? Bongos? I believe it is the instrument He created Himself, the one which He loved so much that He gave one to each of us for free–the human voice.

God is pleased when we sing for Him. St. Augustine said, “The person who sings prays twice.” Some people say this is because singing adds melody to our words of prayer. But it could be that a person sings twice because singing enlists the heart to join in the prayer of the mind. Singing lifts up our hearts to the Lord.

In today’s first reading, the missionaries St. Paul and Silas get beaten and stripped. They are locked in prison with their ankles placed in stocks. Things are at their darkest and most difficult time, but the night finds them not only praying, but singing hymns. This lifts their spirits, shakes loose their bonds, and pours out grace on that place. Singing makes a difference.

Maybe you feel like coming to our weekly school Masses is like being led somewhere in shackles. But if you must be here either way, why not make the most of it? Singing at Mass (and I mean really singing) is liberating, and a gift to God. 

If God has blessed you with a beautiful voice, sing strongly, as if to say to God, “You gave me this gift, and I offer it back to you.” If He has not blessed you with a good voice, you should still sing boldly, as though to say, “You gave me this voice, and I’m going to let you have it.” Your voice is God’s favorite instrument. So at this Mass and at every Mass, let Him hear it.


3 Responses to “God’s Favorite Instrument — Tuesday, 6th Week of Easter”

  1. pussywillowpress Says:

    That’s a new perspective on “singing in chains”!

    One priest pointed out that Scripture says, “make a joyful *noise* unto the Lord” (Psalm 66:1, 81:2, etc.). He urged us to sing even if our “noise” wasn’t all that musical (not that I needed any encouragement ;).

  2. carol Says:

    Singing is a nice gentle way of serving the Lord. A lot better and less frightening than jumping in the water with a bunch of sharks.

  3. Katie Reigel Says:

    I think people really need to hear this so they are not intimated to sing even when they don’t have a good singing voice. I think people don’t sing enough for mass and maybe if they realize that singing is praying twice they might try to sing. My sister and I really liked this homily and we both have good voices.

    Especially my sister because she is majoring in vocal education!!!

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