Stained Glass Symbols — The Triple Candelabra

Triple Candelabra - Sacred Heart Catholic Church -  Wauzeka WIA Symbol of the Holy Trinity

As a triple candelabra unites three lights, so the Holy Trinity is a united three in one. The three flames share one and the same fiery nature, as the three divine persons share the same divine substance. Like St. Patrick’s three-leafed shamrock, the triple candelabra is a visible symbol for an invisible mystery: that from all eternity, God has been one “what” and three “who’s.”


One Response to “Stained Glass Symbols — The Triple Candelabra”

  1. pussywillowpress Says:

    Learn something new every day :) –I hadn’t seen symbolism mentioned for a triple candlestick before. There may be a connection with Holy Saturday too, and the chanting of the “Lumen Christi” (Light of Christ):


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