St. Paul’s Mass Registration

Our bishop’s guidelines allowing public Masses limit churches to 25% capacity.

To attend, you must register your seat(s) anew weekly for an upcoming St. Paul’s Mass. A scheduled minster (usher, lector, server, organist, or sacristan) is not to reserve a seat for him or herself.


For March 6th & 7th Weekend:

Register for 4 PM Mass on Saturday, Mar 6

Register for 8 PM Mass on Saturday, Mar 6

Register for 8 AM Mass on Sunday, Mar 7

Register for 11 AM Mass on Sunday, Mar 7

For March 13th & 14th Weekend:

Register for 4 PM Mass on Saturday, Mar 13

Register for 8 PM Mass on Saturday, Mar 13

Register for 8 AM Mass on Sunday, Mar 14

Register for 11 AM Mass on Sunday, Mar 14


Here’s 10 things to know for
attending Mass at St. Paul’s

(1.) Your attendance is not required. Your obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still dispensed. The Coronavirus is real and has severe consequences for those infected by it, particularly those over 60 years old or with underlying health conditions. Some risk of infection will exist for anyone who attends Mass. It is completely alright for anyone with concerns to stay home.

(2.) If you have fever or flu-like symptoms, do not come to church. Sometimes those with even slight or no symptoms have infected others with Coronavirus.

(3.) To attend a Mass, you must register weekly. Our bishop’s directives limit churches to 25% capacity—for St. Paul’s, that’s Fr. Feltes and 140 persons at each Mass. To reserve your seat(s) for Mass, click the links above on this page. You must register your seat(s) anew for each upcoming Mass. Register online before Saturday afternoons or evenings when the lists will be printed for the ushers. Those without the internet should register for Masses through an acquaintance with online access. As a last resort, people may contact the parish office to register for a non-filled Mass by Thursdays at the latest. If you leave a message at the parish office, only assume you are registered for a Mass if you receive a confirmation reply.

(4.) Arrive less than 30 minutes before Mass begins.

(5.) Maintain physical separation. Those not living in the same household are to maintain a minimum of a six-foot distance from others while on church grounds.

(6.) Clean your hands upon entering and exiting church. We will have hand sanitizer available at all church doors.

(7.) Face coverings must be worn by all individuals, 5 years and older, present within our Churches and office spaces or attending any function associated with the ministry of the Diocese of La Crosse.

(8.) Enter church using the Main Street doors. Except in cases of disability, everyone must enter from St. Paul’s front steps. From there, after checking your name, ushers will direct you to an open, unfilled pew nearest to the altar. (You will not be able to choose your pew.)

(9.) Communion must be done carefully. At Communion time, everyone will approach in one single-file line, maintaining a six-foot distance from others. Heed the seven-foot hash marks in the center aisle and use the hand sanitizer as you approach. For safer hygiene, reception of the Eucharist by the hand is encouraged (with the requirement that any gloves be first removed) however persons receiving on the tongue will not be refused. Even those not receiving Communion are to join the Communion line, approaching with crossed arms.

(10.) At the end of Mass, wait to be dismissed by pew. To help maintain 6-foot distances, ushers will dismiss pews row-by-row and direct people to specific exits. Collection baskets will be at the doorways to receive your contributions at that time.

If you are a non-vulnerable adult, especially someone 60 years old or younger, and interested in helping at St. Paul’s Masses, call Diane Steinmetz at 715-568-2855.


2 Responses to “St. Paul’s Mass Registration”

  1. CHLOE SHARP Says:

    Is registration required for daily Mass? I’m attending a daily Mass on the 28th and on the 30th.
    Thank you,
    Jan Schoonover Sharp
    I’m using my kids Google account. Thank you.

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